Basic Stitch - A Fashion Show

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A different fashion show at Bogart.Cosmo

Based on clothes designed and sewn by Tiger Konfeksjon, Trokofa and
A.Mendelssohn and Sønner’s ‘Basic Stitch’ is a fashion show – a little out of the ordinary.
´Basic Stitch’ is a fashion show that not only showcases clothes, but also a
examination of clothes and fashion – about what else this holds. What is the value of
craftsmanship, the value of time, the value of nostalgia? How do we actually relate to
the? And is it really changing or are we standing still? ‘Basic Stitch’ wants to
explore the questions we ask ourselves about clothing production, local production and
community, as well as highlight the need to take care of something and the value this has in itself.

With “Basic Stitch” we want to create an associative space open to interpretation, which
contains both a nostalgic and serious lingering, at the same time as it should be
entertaining, abstracted and absurd.

There were a total of three clothing factories with Jewish owners in Trondheim and a large number
Jewish shops right up until the 60s-80s in the old Jewish quarter Nerbyen. IN
in addition to the three ready-made factories, there were several of these shops that sewed and
produced own clothes for sale. There are these stories and original clothes from them
the shops and factories the show is built around.
“Basic Stitch” will take place in the fashion house Bogart.Cosmo, which is owned by the descendants of
H.KLein and Tiger clothing factory.

This event has been created by the two directors Natali Abrahamsen Garner
and Ingri Enger Damon.
Music composed and produced by Natali Abrahamsen Garner.

Where: Bogart.Cosmo. Olav Tryggvasons gate 12.
Ticket price: NOK 150 / 100 (student) / 150 (honor)



02-09-2023 19:00



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