Concert with Neta Elkayam

02sept16:30Concert with Neta ElkayamThe synagogue16:30 Buy tickets here

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Music with roots from Morocco. Sings in the language that
was spoken by the Jews of Morocco and North Africa.

Neta Elkayam is an Israeli artist and musician who has gained recognition all over the world
the world as a performer of North African music.

Neta is inspired by the music of the Jews from Morocco and North Africa and connects theirs
musical roots of modern world music. Neta’s creative approach is a
mix of music from Andalusia, Mediterranean music as well as rock, pop and jazz. IN
collaboration with Transworld, Trondheim World Festival.

Where: The synagogue
Ticket price: NOK NOK 350/ NOK 100 (student) / NOK 300 (honours)



02-09-2023 16:30


The synagogue

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